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The Alarmsystem - an example


The alarm system for a 13,6m standard trailer usually consists of 22 segments made of pvc material. The pvc material used is the same type which is standard for trailer tarpaulins. The segments are meassured about 125cm (width) and 150cm (height). With a fusing press the segments and the tarpaulin are heated and fused under preasure.


As shown in the figure below the segments contain a vertical and several horizontal tunnels, sewn into the segments. These tunnels guide the way for a wire that is connected to a control unit. In the case the tarpaulin is sliced, a relay switches on another circuit that starts a 144dB siren.



Each customer will get his own possibility to turn off the system. This ensures that there is no standard way any thief could know.



In the case of attempted theft the system can be repaired easily by the truck driver. The insulation of the wire has to be removed and the wire hast o be reconnected. As the wire is not under electric tension there is no danger of electric shock. 



Each system will be delivered including some replace wire sets. In case of theft these wires could be used to replace the damaged ones. The alarmsystem runs with a seperate battery. This ensures the trouble-free functioning independent from the electric system of the truck . The system is delivered including a high performance battery charger to enable recharging  of the system’s battery within about 4 hours. This charging state permits to run the system independently for about 4 weeks.